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About Dostrix
Welcome to Dostrix.com we’d say our web is an innovative market place under the Dostrix brand name for those who are interested in 3 subjects: audio electronic components, auto tuning parts, and marine electrical installation services for yachts.

Also we produce and do the marketing by ourselves and we are happy to receive unique customer orders such as single piece orders to large scale mass produce R & D electronic orders. Or even electrical projects on a luxury yacht 100 feet long.
This is what makes our products and services distinctive which inspires us to try to meet customer requirement and then finally delivered to their hand.

Our team:
Dostrix is a group of engineers who are friends with background experience in Telecommunications, Electrical, Control & Instrument and Power Engineering that studied from the same university. We are a team of engineers and technicians who can understand our customers’ needs & requirements in the projects.

Specific details:
“Dostrix” is the brand name products created by a company name: Matrix Information co., Ltd

Matrix Information co., Ltd
32/1 Tesabanrangraktai Road, Lardyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand
Tel. 0-2953-9630-3, mobile: 086-0000567, Fax: 0-2954-4314 (auto, 24hrs)
Office hour: Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 , close on holidays

Register capital: 2 million Thai Baht
Registered date: April 15, 2006
Manager: Mr. Koranan Nawarat na Ayudhya
Supporting Banks: Bangkok Bank, Siam commercial Bank
Government Agency support: SME organization, Thai Trade organization
Tax registration number: 3-0321-4795-8


Vacuum Tube Amplifiers
Audio Interconnect cables
Audio parts

Auto Tuning Parts
Fiber glass, Carbon fiber or Kevlar molding
ECU, controller, eletric fixing services
Mercedes-Benz Soft-top hydraulic cylinders rebuild for SL R129, SLK R170, R171, CLK Convertible Electronic hoist for hard-top lifting
Mercedes-Benz SL class side mirror building service
Mercedes Benz LED side turning signal
All made to order jobs is welcome

Electrical R&D
Switching power supply
Micro controller hardware
Circuit design, Protel, CAD/CAM
Programming in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++
Electronic Research & Develop, R&D

Yacht Electrical Installation
Electrical wiring DC and AC system
Water Maker Service
Alternator and Charge System
Inverter & Converter System
Generator Control and wiring system
Communiction &  Electronic navigation System, GPS
Battery Management


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